YouTube launches channel subscriptions

Nic Brisbourne

Google yesterday announced the launch of paid subscriptions for YouTube channels. So far this is only for a pilot group of around ....

10 May, 2013

A note on contrarian investing

Nic Brisbourne

Fred Wilson has a post up this morning title Return and Ridicule which talks about the dangers of herd investing. Fred quotes ....

26 April, 2013

Emotional e-commerce: The next wave of e-commerce

Nic Brisbourne

Jason Goldberg, Founder and CEO at Fab wrote an interesting post earlier this week titled The 3rd wave of e-commerce disruption: ....

11 April, 2013

Twitter ad revenues forecast to near $1B in 2014

Nic Brisbourne

I have been wondering lately how Twitter was getting on. Anecdotally people and companies seem to be getting more and more out ....

1 April, 2013

Bitcoin the future of money?

Nic Brisbourne

I've been watching the progress of Bitcoin with increasing interest for a year or two now and I'm a bit surprised I haven't written ....

11 March, 2013

Your fundraising strategy depends on whether your startup is hot

Nic Brisbourne

I spoke at a workshop this morning where most of the participants were CEOs and founders of early stage startups. We talked about ....

4 February, 2013

Will there be a Series A crunch in Europe?

Nic Brisbourne

The coming Series A crunch is perhaps the hottest topic of conversation in US tech circles at the moment and the numbers in the ....

7 January, 2013

London ranked best startup ecosystem in Europe

Nic Brisbourne

A new report out from the Startup Genome and Telefonica Digital ranks London as the seventh best startup ecosystem in the world. ....

26 November, 2012

Great to see Facebook succeeding on mobile

Nic Brisbourne

As you may have seen Facebook announced their Q3 results, revealing 14% of their ad revenues came from mobile. This was ahead ....

25 October, 2012

Musings on the iPhone 5, market maturity and open systems

Nic Brisbourne

I like open systems. Always have, and probably always will. It's partly because open-ness begets more innovation, partly because ....

13 September, 2012

Tips for building a minimum viable product

Nic Brisbourne

The developer behind Appbot – a service for app developers who want their app store reviews and features in their email ....

6 September, 2012

The evolution of an investment theme

Nic Brisbourne

IBM has just announced the acquisition of social recruitment business Kenexa for $1.3bn, the latest of a string of 'social' enterprise ....

29 August, 2012

Building habit forming consumer internet services

Nic Brisbourne

I've just spent an hour reading the excellent nirandfar blog by Stanford psychology and business lecturer Nir Eyal. The most ....

27 July, 2012