Inventus announces final close of third fund at Rs 369 cr

Payal Ganguly

Inventus Capital Partners has announced the final close of its third fund at Rs 369 crore.  Inventus - III will be the ....

10 October, 2019

Watch: Samir Kumar on how Inventus will play India’s next startup wave

Vijayakumar Pitchiah & Anand J

Samir Kumar has had a ringside view of India’s venture capital market for nearly two decades, first with Acer Technology ....

1 July, 2019

Capital efficiency key; may skip Flipkart-like bet again: Inventus’ Samir Kumar

Dearton Thomas Hector

Venture capital firm Inventus Capital Partners has been around for almost 25 years globally, and in India, for a decade. It has ....

30 May, 2018