Re-live The Techcircle Party, Now!

29 Mar, 2012

Techcircle.in turned one year last month (yay, we rock!) and we celebrated our first anniversary by throwing a party which was attended by over 200 entrepreneurs and investors. We also took the opportunity to bring out our first list of the top 20 tech startups in India- the Techcircle Fastrackers. You can read here to know more about the process of selecting the winners, jury members, final winners etc.

Here is a video from that party. We know it's been over a month since the party and the video should have been out earlier, but we are not to blame. The camera that was used to capture the event went missing right after the party. We looked and looked but couldn't find it, so we had to hire a 'secret agent' who had to travel halfway round the world to look for the camera (Agent Vinod istyle!). Long story short, after a month long manhunt, we finally found the camera (the cameraman had taken it home and forgotten all about it). So enjoy the video and cheers from the Techcircle team. You can also view the photos of the party here.