EdServ Takes Its Android Education App Synced With Social Networking To Amazon App Store

23 Apr, 2012

Chennai-based education support services company EdServ has tied-up with Amazon.com to take its 2tionPlus educational apps to Amazon app store. Through the tie up, EdServ's education content will be available worldwide on Tablet PCs, which run on Google's Android operating system, the company said on Monday.

EdServ's 2tionPlus is a social networking collaborative learning application through which students will be able to avail the support of over 30,000 tutors. Through 2tionPlus, students can create study groups and undertake collaborative learning.

Digital whiteboard is available in online tutoring whereby students can attend an online class even on the move. 2tionPlus claims to have over a million embedded videos categorically arranged on subjects.

"Through this tie up with Amazon.com, we will provide the entire online education content that includes tuition, academics, skill development and test preparation services on the Amazon apps store," said S Giridharan, EdServ's chairman and CEO.

While downloading and installing 2tionPlus will be free, the users will have to pay a fee for the premium content available on EdServ's lampsglow.com website, the official release said.

In the premium category, all services listed on Lampsglow.com are featured. These include solutions for K-12 students and others preparing for various entrance exams, as well as specialised skills development and courses for job seekers. Also, free-of-cost standard services include over one million embedded videos, arranged by subjects/topics. In addition, students can download the 2tionPlus app to create study groups and opt for collaborative learning.

This tie up with Amazon follows EdServ's tie up last year with global mobile brands such as Blackberry, Nokia and Samsung to make its educational content available on smartphones. According to the company, over half of the users are from the mobile segment.