Naukri.com launches social game, trying to rekindle Hari Sadu effect

31 Jul, 2012

Boss bashing is back, it seems, and this time with a vengeance. Popular job site Naukri.com has launched a Facebook game based on the notorious (but strictly fictitious) boss Hari Sadu who regularly appears on ads. The new game called The Big Clash has the users taking part in games like boxing, archery and shooting with 'Hari Sadu' as the target. The events have been chosen keeping in mind the ongoing London Olympics where Indian contenders are participating in these disciplines. It is a multi-level and multi-discipline game, available on the Facebook page of Naukri.com.

Commenting on the initiative, senior VP (marketing and corporate communication) Sumeet Singh said, "Social platforms have helped increase brand engagement and that's why we are leveraging this opportunity by launching a game which will give users a taste of these action-packed events. It will provide an opportunity to take a quick break between office hours, especially after a disturbed interaction with their respective Hari Sadus."

Each discipline features three levels where a player gets to assault Hari Sadu with a gun, bow-and-arrows or boxing gloves. The games have room for some 'social play' as well where users can challenge their Facebook friends or those from their communities.

With this initiative, Naukri.com is trying to be back in the limelight, it seems. One of its key rivals Monster.com has also started a TV campaign in a bid to grab the attention of job seekers. When Naukri.com started the Hari Sadu campaign for the first time, it became a huge success. Let us wait and see if it can create the same interest on Facebook.

(Edited by Sanghamitra Mandal)