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Dialify founder launches cloud-based games platform Playblazer

28 Dec, 2012

Nikhil Soman, founder of Dialify Technologies Pvt Ltd, a voice applications developer, has launched a cloud SaaS-based games platform for games developers and studios. Christened Playblazer, the new business project has already partnered with few games studios in India for its application, which will be launched by March next year, Soman told Techcircle.in.

"It (Playblazer) will be a new entity that will offer a configurable application programming interface (API) for social and multiplayer games developers and studios. This platform will offer instant access to a comprehensive set of pre-built data models, components and workflows. It will also enable rapid development of a game server for social and multiplayer games and can access from all platforms, including iOS, Android etc.," Soman said.

Social and multiplayer games require fairly extensive data design, database storage and efficient run-time session data management from a central game data server that is usually custom designed for each game.

"Small game studios and independent game developers cannot afford to build extensive server engineering teams, but cannot survive if their games don't feature social and multiplayer gameplay. Playblazer is the bridge that enables even a single game developer to configure a complete game server with support for complex game logic practically out of the box in a matter of minutes," explained Soman.

According to him, Playblazer replaces the need for dedicated server-side engineering resources and system operators. It also cuts down the complexity and reduces the server-side development.

Playblazer also provides realtime provisioning of the server, including database storage, retrieval and updates to game data stored by the game client application. It runs on Amazon's AWS cloud platform and also offers essential server-side capabilities, like player profile, social graphs, social publishing, etc.

Soman said that the company will license the platform for games developers and studios. "Our clients will pay us a monthly fee for using our platform, depending on the number of users. We will introduce this revenue model with the launch of the platform."

Talking about Dialify, Soman said that it will be run as a separate unit and will continue to develop voice applications. "We are not shutting down Dailify. We will continue to develop voice applications based on demand."

(Edited by Prem Udayabhanu)