Angels 15 - Ashok Kumar Damani

26 Jul, 2013

A member of Mumbai Angels, Damani is a registered stock broker with the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange. He is also an active startup investor, whose portfolio includes a range of niche technology startups. His focus areas are consumer internet and mobile. He is also a part of Venture Nursery, a startup accelerator. Damani has invested or committed funds in over 20 startups so far and has earmarked a fixed sum for such investments from his investment portfolio which includes public equities and debt. Damani is the co-owner of a chain of hotels under the brand name Platinum Hospitality and has diversified into commercial and residential property development in Kolkata and Gujarat under The Capricorn Group and SN Developers (Shivalik), respectively.

Investments: Exotel, United Mobile Apps, Rolecule and Carve Niche Technologies.