Ashok Kumar Damani

India’s startup ecosystem to take off in 5-10 years: Artha India Ventures’ Apurva Damani

Dearton Thomas Hector

For the past two to three years, Apurva Damani stopped taking her car out, all thanks to the Mumbai traffic, which made driving ....

1 November, 2018

How an obscure windmill in Rajasthan is helping an angel investor fund startups

Manu P Toms

As the large wind turbine—the overarching presence in the sleepy village of Bhopalgarh in interior Rajasthan—rotates, it ....

3 November, 2016

Angels 15 - Ashok Kumar Damani

Sainul K

A member of Mumbai Angels, Damani is a registered stock broker with the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange. ....

26 July, 2013

Angels 15: Techcircle profiles top angel investors of 2013

Team TC

Angel investors are those who invest high-risk capital in the early part of a startup's life. They put in a few lakhs to a couple ....

30 July, 2013