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Always forgetting important calls? Here is an app to auto dial scheduled calls, send SMSs and emails

3 Mar, 2014

Many of us schedule calls on our to-do list but seldom end up making them. The reason—we forget to check the to-do list itself. And unlike our bosses, we can't demand or afford a personal assistant of our own. But with Call Looper, you won't need one.

Launched by MGuru , a web marketing agency founded by the duo of Ashutosh Valani and Sandeep Nair in November 2013, the free app allows users to schedule calls, text messages and emails. Created with an investment of $1,000—which is spent on developing the app for Android smartphones—Call Looper enables users to add the phone number of a contact and pick a date and a time at which the alarm must be set for multiple activities.

Other features of the app include switching automatically to the speaker at the time of the scheduled call, and a call repeat option that lets users pick the number of times a call needs to be repeated and its frequency. Also, if you have to call 10 experts to get the right meat to make up a good feature (for journalists) or 10 clients to get a lead (in case of a salesman), the app will call each of these people automatically at the time that is set in advance.

In addition, the app has a 'block call' feature that allows users to block calls (between specific date and time or otherwise) from certain numbers or lists on the phone. Call Looper also has the same feature for sending SMSs and emails. The users can save the message or email to be sent, along with its date and time and the app does the rest. There's also an option to set off an alarm at the time at which the SMS or email is sent.

What's next?

As of now, the app has around 3,500 users. Last time when we checked, it had around 5,000 installs on Google Play. The company has also deployed $2,500 for the iOS version which is likely to be launched by April this year. The platform will soon also allow scheduling of WhatsApp messages.

"WhatsApp will soon be giving out APIs, and that's what we are waiting for. Once that's announced we can launch our scheduler for WhatsApp messages, with an expectation of going live by March this year," said Valani. Though the founders haven't been able to monetise the platform yet, they are open to acquisition opportunities by the likes of Facebook.

(Edited by Joby Puthuparampil Johnson)