Meet the 20 startups selected for BW Accelerate's second batch

25 Nov, 2015

BW Accelerate, a startup accelerator initiative from media firm Business World, has announced the second batch of 20 startups for a three-month mentoring programme.

The sector-agnostic programme would help startups with product development and insights, go-to-market strategy and customer acquisition, business expansion, networking, strategic marketing and fund raising.

This batch was selected from more than 450 applications from startups based out of Delhi-NCR.

"My focus is to make available all relevant resources and infrastructural needs for startups within the vicinity of operations to deliver cutting-edge solutions and build large businesses," said Ashu Agrawal, director of BW Accelerate.

BW had announced its first batch of 10 startups in June this year.

Following are the 20 startups:

DIKY: DIKY (Do I Know You) is a reverse social network, trying to bring authenticity to networking and relationship building. Built on a propriety algorithm, it crowd-sources users' personality traits and activities they like from friends and family. The app then simplifies their personality to match people around them over the activity of their choice.

Nutritious Nation: Founded in November 2012, Nutritious Nation is an online portal for gourmet health food.

Realbox: It's a Google Analytics-like application for offline businesses. It helps restaurant owners to get a real-time view of the overall performance in addition to helping them with user behaviour analytics, personalisation and predictive analytics.

Unlockar: It is a universal lock screen app that simplifies preferred content delivery where users don't have to unlock the phone and go through multiple content apps.

SponsifyMe: It is an online platform enabling brands to spend on events and experiential marketing opportunities to engage potential customers directly.

Brevity: It's a self-improvement and universal learning app that shares summarized insights from non-fiction articles, videos, courses, podcasts from publications and thought leaders on various subjects including tech, entrepreneurship, marketing, creativity, psychology, relationships and more.

Cityfurnish: It's an online furniture rental solution for businesses, individuals and families.

Goounj: It's a mobile-first feedback and decision support platform enabling individuals and businesses to fast-track decision making in a structured format.

Rydzz: Rydzz is an on-demand bike renting service for businesses and individuals. It offers doorstep delivery of vehicles along with the required biking gear.

CollegeMedia: It is a new world media channel with a focus on capturing the latest developments across education institutions in India. It serves as an activity-based college network with a focus on discovering outstanding talent, development, activities and makes available resources relevant for students.

The Salad Bowl: It's a gourmet salad and health food startup brand. If offers salads and wraps made from organic produce, imported cheese and other premium ingredients with a customisation option.

Woop: It's a personal as-you-go universal fitness pass enabling customers use any gym or fitness-center session by session and pay accordingly.

YuMiGo: It's a discovery and transaction platform on web and mobile for foreign exchange and international SIM card services. YuMiGo plans to add travel insurance, travel loans and visa services shortly.

Reweyou: It is a free service through which users can send their elected representatives a message. It acts as a newswire platform focused on helping citizens to capture and share social experiential issues plaguing a large audience set.

MindScroll: It's a mobile first DIY (Do It Yourself) 'how-to' platform that helps enterprises, organisations and institutions to create interactive online content application for internal and external purposes.

Connectofy: It's a networking application focused on discovering new people at events, conferences, exhibitions and more. It enables attendees to create a virtual card to enhance the possibility of collaboration and improve response rates.

Actozen: It's a wellness platform for women offering them information, support community and access to health experts to help them stay fit and healthy.

Pelvinic: Pelvinic is a healthcare delivery startup aimed at lifestyle-related pelvic diseases.

YumTumy: It's a kitchen assistance app helping homemakers choose recipes according to the ingredients available at home.

What's Up Life: It's a multicity editorially curated discovery app for dining out, party, leisure, events etc. It plans to cover five major cities, and Gurgaon is the first. What's Up Gurgaon provides information on all major happenings in the city.