CES 2016: Smart mugs, biometric lingerie and other cool gadgets

For four days every year, Las Vegas becomes the Mecca for gadget geeks. Top tech giants make high-decibel announcements regarding upcoming products at the Consumer Electronic Show. In fact, CES 2016 promises to be bigger than last year's edition with a slew of new offerings across smart gadgets, virtual reality, driverless cars and drones.

While gadget launches are common at CES, we have picked up five offbeat announcements from this year's edition.

A Smart Mug that controls coffee temperature

Nobody wants their coffee to get cold. While some like it piping hot, others wait for it to cool down to a drinkable temperature. A US-based company has come up with a smart mug that allows coffee temperature to be maintained for about two hours using a rechargeable battery. Pre-orders for the Ember start at $129 and deliveries are expected to begin in May.

Experience the aging process

Do you want to know what your aging parents go through every day? US-based Applied Minds allows users to feel the pangs of aging. Its smart suits, coupled with Oculus virtual reality headsets, give a feel of how it is to live with cataracts, glaucoma and mobility issues.

Samsung's smart refrigerator

Samsung unveiled a stainless steel fridge with a 21-inch, high-definition touch-screen panel. It allows users to see anything inside the fridge without opening its door. The fridge takes a photo of its contents every time the door is closed and the images can be accessed anywhere via a smartphone. It also offers instant reminders of what's running low in your refrigerator even when you're on the go.

Skype your dog

PetChatz enables pet owners to see their animals when they are away from home. For the system to work, owners ought to install PetChaz wall unit. The unit comes with a camera and screen that power up when the owner calls. Pets are summoned by a special ringtone. A pet can also call for its master by pressing a button.

Biometric lingerie

Montreal-based OMsignal has unveiled a biometric bra named OMbra. It can measure heart rate, calories, breathing rate and other metrics. The garment instantly connects to the OMsignal mobile app, which helps user to analyse and measure various metrics.

CES 2016
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