Food robotics startup 6d Bytes launches on-the-go meal

Food robotics startup 6d Bytes launches on-the-go meal
Photo Credit: Animation by: Satyakam Banerjee/VCCircle
6 Apr, 2018

Sunnyvalle-based robotics and artificial intelligence startup 6d Bytes Inc. has launched an autonomous robotic station, Blendid, which will allow food services companies serve healthy and delicious blends of food.

The product, Plug and Play, which has been displayed at an innovation centre in Sunnyvale, offers blended drinks, comprising fresh ingredients such as mango, spinach, blueberry, coconut water, kefir, banana and ginger, prepared by a robot, and without human intervention. 

Customers can use the mobile app or tablets at the robotic station to browse through the menu, customise their choice of food and make a payment, before the robot can take over the process of preparing and serving the blend within two minutes.

“People want healthy and delicious meals on the go,” said 6d bytes co-founder and CEO Vipin Jain. “Blended drinks is only the beginning. We will be adding more cuisines and formats in the near future. Marketed to food service operators and retail franchises, Blendid requires no staff and can be accessible 24 hours a day, making it a perfect choice for busy cafeterias, supermarkets, gyms, airports, stadiums and offices.”

Jain, along with his co-founder Venki Ayalur, had conceived Blendid over three years ago. They believe it would lead to a robotics and AI revolution, which will fundamentally disrupt the food and beverage industry. A recent report by McKinsey had said that food service is among the top three industries to be impacted, with 73% of its activities automated by 2030.

“The Blendid concept is at the forefront of two major changes impacting the food and beverage industry,” said Eric Benhamou, founder and general partner at Benhamou Global Ventures, an investor in 6d bytes. “Food service operators want expanded, cost-effective service hours and customers want healthy, delicious meals. Blendid is a breakthrough solution to achieve both.”