Why flexible workspaces are conducive to disruptive growth

Why flexible workspaces are conducive to disruptive growth
2 Jul, 2018

Flexible workspaces make today’s disruptive entrepreneurs thrive. Such workspaces are in high demand and are gaining further popularity not just among the freelance professionals and SMEs, but even large enterprises. Organizations are leveraging the benefits of such spaces to maximize their efficiency in every manner. Flexible workspaces offer a viable choice for thriving businesses that need the infrastructure and support to evolve. And, WeWork has come a long way in paving paths for such workspaces, making businesses and individuals realise the real potential of the concept of shared spaces.

Evolved workspaces for millennials

Gone are the times when startup entrepreneurs and remote working professionals operated from coffee shops. As per JLL Research, shared offices and collaborative workspaces will cover 30% of office market by 2030. For freelancers, a collaborative workspace comes with additional perks and offer much more when compared with the daily time spent at a premium coffee shop, offering only a complimentary Wi-Fi and a table as a meeting space. On the contrary, operating from a shared workspace culture opens doors to a supportive community of like-minded individuals that’s enough to keep you motivated along with other aids.

Millennials such as startup entrepreneurs, freelancers or contract workers prefer to work in flexible workspaces that give them ample room to network, brainstorm and come up with innovative ideas. WeWork understands and connects with the millennials thus, providing them with ample networking opportunities in open, vibrant office spaces. Plug-and-play workspaces are suitable for today’s businesses who want the tech support and state-of-the-art infrastructure to expand without spending too much on real estate. Instead of buying or renting a workspace and spending on building the infrastructure, these spaces work perfectly for organizations of all sizes. More recently, enterprises are smitten with the collaborative work culture. This helps large enterprises to nurture their top talent while creating a happy and flexible work culture for their employees.

Scaling up with the WeWork community

Collaborative workspaces with a global presence such as WeWork make it easier for businesses to scale up through numerous networking opportunities in the manner of regular events and social engagement initiatives. The well-managed amenities in these refreshingly designed workspaces give professionals the boost to come up with fresh and disruptive ideas for business growth. WeWork members from all over the world can connect with one another through the WeWork Member Network, a professional social network exclusively for their members. This helps them to engage in order to solve business problems and reach a common objective. Available on iPhone, Android and web, this interactive platform also help members join groups of like-minded individuals on a variety of social or professional topics making a close community.

The WeWork model is designed for lending long-term support to startups and businesses. WeWork offices give ample flexibility in terms of space, working hours, and workplace amenities apart from rendering a community of professionals and helping in empowering their members throughout. The workspace they provide is easily scalable as and when the business grows, entrepreneurs get more room to stretch. Entrepreneurs can also find potential investors, prospective clients or future business partners through opportunities to network with the diverse WeWork community that is spread across the world.

Opting for shared workspaces is the choice of many corporate bigwigs these days, especially if they are looking for a desirable vibrant workplace at the choice of their location. And, this does not need them to invest a fortune on infrastructure setup. With trendsetters like WeWork foraying into India, the concept is gaining more and more traction and the time is not far that collaborative workspace will be the first and the most preferred choice of businesses seeking continued growth and advancement.


Anupriya Mishra