Simplicity and efficiency levels increase for RJ Corp with HPE’s hyperconvergence tech

Viny Velayudhan

In recent years, Hyperconvergence (HCI) has been making news as the technology of the future for enhancing IT processes. As the ....

1 April, 2019

YES BANK launches YES SCALE to accelerate startup solutions for building a smarter nation

Viny Velayudhan

Targeting disruptive ideas in Smart City, AgriTech, CleanTech, Life Sciences Tech, and EduTech An idea needs the right amount ....

14 August, 2018

Software holds the key to a great company culture


During Stone Age, human beings were primarily hunters and gatherers. Millions of years later, despite evolution, our work is still ....

20 July, 2018

Why flexible workspaces are conducive to disruptive growth

Anupriya Mishra

Flexible workspaces make today’s disruptive entrepreneurs thrive. Such workspaces are in high demand and are gaining further ....

2 July, 2018