LinkedIn’s new feature lets Indian users find best-paying jobs, companies

LinkedIn’s new feature lets Indian users find best-paying jobs, companies
22 Nov, 2018

LinkedIn, the social networking platform for professionals, has launched a new feature that will enable users in India to compare salaries across professions, companies and locations.

The Microsoft-owned company said in a statement on Thursday that LinkedIn Salary draws on data collected from the network’s 53-plus million members in India. 

According to the company, professionals will now be able to gather insights into the compensation landscape, including bonus and equity data for specific job titles along with the different factors that impact pay such as years of experience, industry, company size, location, and education level.

“This will help professionals, including students and career starters, negotiate better salaries and optimise their earning potential,” said Ajay Datta, head of product-India at LinkedIn. “As the tool gathers momentum in India, it will offer more actionable insights to our members.”

Owners of free accounts will need to provide their salary data before accessing the feature while premium members will get direct access.

LinkedIn said that it had been collecting data from its Indian members over the past two months. The analysis is only available for cities where it has a large number of members.

Based on the information gathered so far, Bengaluru has emerged as the highest-paying region, followed by Mumbai and the National Capital Region.

Hardware & networking and software & IT services have emerged as the highest-paying industries, with consumer goods, healthcare, and finance rounding up the top five spots. 

In January, the company expanded its job-seeker toolkit to help members get a job faster and acquire skills required for a career change.

The expansion of the toolkit was aimed at making it easier for job-seekers in other industries to get noticed by recruiters looking to fill positions with emerging, in-demand skills.

In November last year, LinkedIn launched a Career Advice hub to connect users with subject-matter experts who will help them manage their careers. 

The firm also launched a Resume Assistant, a resume builder in Microsoft Word. The tool combines intelligent recommendations with data from the site's millions of job openings.