Microsoft picks Chromium for new browser to replace Edge: Reports

Microsoft picks Chromium for new browser to replace Edge: Reports
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Reuters
6 Dec, 2018

Redmond based software giant Microsoft is working on a new browser that will be based on Chromium in a bid to compete with Google’s popular Chrome browser. The proposed Chromium browser will replace the default Edge browser on Windows 10, according to multiple media reports.

Chromium is the open source platform on which Google’s Chrome, Amazon Silk’s and Opera are built. The move to Chrome comes in response to a growing push from businesses and consumers to improve Edge’s web compatibility. The new browser project is rumored to have been code-named ‘Anaheim’ internally. Edge has not been able to gain much momentum especially against Chrome’s growing popularity across all devices and operating systems. 

“There were signs Microsoft was about to adopt Chromium onto Windows, as the company’s engineers have been working with Google to support a version of Chrome on an ARM-powered Windows operating system,” reported The Verge.

In a similar development, Mozilla was reported to be developing its fifth browser called Fenix, to target the younger generation of web users.

Some years back, in an open letter to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Mozilla CEO Chris Beard said it’s “disturbing” that Windows 10 operating system makes it difficult for users to choose anything but Microsoft’s Edge as their default browser. Beard asked Microsoft to reconsider its approach and make user settings with Windows 10 more obvious and intuitive to manage.