Autonomous databases unlocking value for Indian businesses: Oracle

Autonomous databases unlocking value for Indian businesses: Oracle
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12 Feb, 2019

IT products and services firm Oracle has said that a number of Indian organisations are leveraging its Autonomous Database solution to unlock business value from their data.

An autonomous database is a cloud database that uses machine learning to eliminate the human labour associated with database tuning, security, backups, updates, and other routine management tasks traditionally performed by database administrators.

“In the last 12 months, our customers have rewired their organisational DNA to transform into a digital-first, data-driven business. They are freeing up resources to focus more on innovation," Shailender Kumar, regional managing director of Oracle India, said in a statement.  

He added that autonomous software will be the next big growth lever for businesses.

The company further said that autonomous databases armed businesses with deeper and more meaningful insights, helping them to improve and fast-track business decisions, introduce new products and services to the market quicker and create a smarter workforce.

Other business benefits include faster transaction processing, more accurate sales forecasts and enhanced customer experiences while providing a security fabric that intuitively stops attacks.

Oracle had launched its autonomous cloud solutions in 2017.

The company, which is bullish on cloud adoption in India, is expected to launch its first data centre in the country later this year to address the demand from the banking & financial services, telecom and manufacturing sectors.

Last year, Oracle launched a new cloud service and artificial intelligence (AI) bots for enterprises.

The cloud service includes features that will complement the self-securing and self-patching capabilities of Oracle Autonomous Database. These These features include a web application firewall to thwart attacks on web traffic and a distributed denial-of-service protection to stop outside parties from disrupting running applications.