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Watch: Accenture Labs’ Marc Carrel-Billiard on enterprises in the post-digital era

There was a time when technology companies were reluctant to discuss the workings of their research labs. These days, however, both IT firms and their customers are more open about their research & development initiatives.

This is largely because enterprises are entering the “post-digital world” where embracing digital is no longer a differentiator but is instead considered a basic necessity, according to Marc Carrel-Billiard, global senior managing director at Accenture Labs.

Accenture Labs is the R&D and innovation division of Dublin-headquartered IT consultancy and services giant Accenture Plc. 

During a routine visit to the company’s Bengaluru lab -- one of seven worldwide - Carrel-Billiard sat down with TechCircle and discussed the contours of a post-digital world, where he said that enterprises can gain a deeper understanding of customers using emerging technologies. They can use this information to prioritise a personalised experience for customers, employees and partners, he added.

He also said that enterprises’ understanding of customer requirements in this new era will have an impact on revenue and profits. 

Carrel-Billiard, who reports to Accenture chief technology and innovation officer Paul Daugherty, further said that as technology gains more prominence in a company's digital transformation, enterprises increasingly want to be part of development initiatives rather than outsourcing this work.

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