Zoreum launches blockchain-powered app to detect fake certificates

Zoreum launches blockchain-powered app to detect fake certificates
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Pexels

Decentralised applications (dApps) developer Zoreum Blockchain Labs has announced the launch of an application that helps detect fake certificates, trade label counterfeits and document fraud.

The solution, called AsliStamp, is powered by blockchain and artificial intelligence and was developed at the Hyderabad development centre of the organisation.

According to a statement, the dApp is backed by Zoreum’s proprietary, patent-pending SwaNet Blockchain Protocol which is a “quantum proof and Lattice cryptography-based dynamic double consensus mechanism”.

The Singapore-based company said that the app generates a cryptographic hash-based SQRC, which is a modern QR code based on data of documents such as university certificates, commercial papers, government identities, share certificates, immigration documents and a host of others.

The company said that dApp has many utilities including the potential to seal the security of sensitive and important documents with the document integrity and verification systems. In terms of tamper-proofing the data, the document hash is stored in blockchain, so any change in data servers was not possible.

A use case would be how universities can use AsliStamp dApp to digitalise the process of issuing certificates. Universities will be able to generate the QR code for student certificates that are stored on their servers.

Employers or university officials can then scan the QR code on AsliStamp and if the hash of the certificate on the server matches with the hash on blockchain, then the original certificate can be retrieved and verified, the statement added.

“There is an urgent need to identify the authenticity of the documents. AsliStamp dApp will help businesses, financial institutions, education institutions, individuals and governments to fight document forgery, fake certificates and other fraudulent activities around digital data manipulation,” said Zoreum Blockchain Labs co-founder Ramakrishna.

Ramakrishna also said that blockchain could help stop manipulation in the modern digital technology era and help counter misuse with the availability of increasingly powerful data and image processing tools.

Other apps by Zoreum include AsliMedicine, an app that helps identify spurious or fake drugs by scanning the QR code. and a soon-to-be-launched app, EMRchain, that helps in safe and secure storage of electronic medical records by all players in the value chain.