Now, Uber zips around Bengaluru in Bajaj buggies

Now, Uber zips around Bengaluru in Bajaj buggies
13 Jun, 2019

Ride-hailing company Uber has rolled out quadricycles branded as Qute for Bengaluru operations in partnership with Bajaj Auto, which primarily makes motorcycles and three-wheelers.

UberXS, a brand-new category in the South Asia region, will offer services via Qute. According to a statement from Uber, the Qute is a driver-plus-three-passenger quadricycle, which is a four-wheeled motor vehicle that’s smaller and lighter than a passenger car.

Although the Qute comes with two fuel options -- compressed natural gas (CNG) and petrol, all units available with Uber will run on eco-friendlier CNG, which provides a mileage of 43 kilometres per kilogramme.

“At Uber, we constantly work towards transforming the mobility landscape of cities, with technology at the heart of our solutions. This partnership is an extension of Uber’s commitment towards lowering transportation costs, enhancing asset utilisation and improving rider convenience,” said Nandini Maheshwari, head, business development, Uber India and South Asia.

According to the statement, Qute’s low running cost makes it suitable for daily commuting and it’s easy to drive because of dash-mounted sequential shift gears. A turning radius of only 3.5 metres makes it easy to manoeuvre and its small size helps parking in congested areas, the statement added.

“The Qute will prove to be an ideal solution for the mobility challenges of congestion and pollution arising from rapid urbanisation,” said Samardeep Subandh, senior vice-president, Bajaj Auto.

Last month, TechCircle reported that Uber had collaborated with Yulu in Bengaluru to offer e-bikes for reducing congestion and promoting more eco-friendly travel for everyday urban commuters.