Sinitic ties up with startup studio T9L for CX automation solutions

Sinitic ties up with startup studio T9L for CX automation solutions
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25 Jun, 2019

Canada-headquartered Sinitic, which provides artificial intelligence customer experience (AICX) solutions, has announced its entry into the Indian market through a partnership with Delhi-based startup studio T9L.

As part of the partnership, the company will expand Sinitic’s CX automation solutions to select, fast-growing verticals in India’s enterprise support market.

“Sinitic disrupts manual customer support software and basic chatbots with highly-localised natural language processing technology,” said Curtis Matlock, chief executive officer at Sinitic. “We’ve achieved strong traction with contact centers in Asia-Pacific, and see similar opportunity to help enterprises automate engagement in their Indian customers’ native languages – not English. A key part of this expansion is the technical and business expertise of T9L within our priority verticals in the Indian market.” 

The partnership will also include an ongoing research collaboration to refine Sinitic’s core natural language processing engine with the nuances of Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, and Tamil.

“Working with local NLP engineers and partners like T9L enables our team to push the limits of natural language understanding for everyday phenomena such as slang, typos, and mixed-language, which is the use of at least two languages in the same phase – a frequent occurrence in text-based communication outside the English-speaking world,” said Albert Zhuang, chief technology officer at Sinitic.

T9L is essentially a venture builder. To build a startup, T9L has product and brand teams, designers, data scientists, as well as legal, marketing, finance and operation experts.

T9L has a portfolio of 30 startups and a cumulative market value of $250 million across its portfolio companies. 

“Along with sharing established expertise in product development and implementation, T9L adds value by helping startups with their storytelling & pitch-building, co-strategizes with founders, provides access to funds and business partnerships, assists in core team hiring and acts as a catalyst to the organic growth of ventures through portfolio synergies,” said T9L chief executive Fahad Moti Khan.