Netflix tweaks UI, launches Rs199 mobile plan for Indian users

Netflix tweaks UI, launches Rs199 mobile plan for Indian users
24 Jul, 2019

Original video content provider Netflix has announced changes in the back-end of the app, including user interface (UI), streaming technology and downloads to suit users in India. 

It has also introduced a mobile- and tablet-only monthly plan for Rs 199 that will allow subscribers to watch content in standard definition (SD) mode.

“We believe this new plan will make Netflix even more accessible and better suit people who like to watch on their smartphones and tablets -- both on-the-go and at home,” Ajay Arora, director of product innovation at Netflix, said.

Arora said Indian subscribers watch more content on mobile devices than any country in the world. “The pictures and videos are optimised in the new UI to make sure that the content loads faster,” Arora said, adding the company was using every pixel available in smaller screens to its advantage. 

The new UI also makes logging in or signing up for the service easier than before.

Arora said subscribers in India were also the highest downloaders of content globally with almost half the users downloading a film or an episode of a series last month. 

To enhance the content streaming experience, Netflix will also introduce smart downloads, which will figure out if the user wants to download a film or an episode, he added. 

“We have done this to ensure that consumers don’t have to plan in advance about what they want to keep offline for viewing,” Arora said. 

The company has also been working with TV manufacturers like Sony and Panasonic to introduce the option of Netflix-calibrated content along with some major parental control features.

It has also been working with other manufacturers to bring a dedicated Netflix button on the remote controls of TVs and set-top boxes.