TCS launches data-driven clinical trial site selection platform

TCS launches data-driven clinical trial site selection platform
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Reuters
2 Aug, 2019

The country's largest software services exporter ​Tata Consultancy Services​ has launched a new platform to enable data-driven site selection and activation processes for clinical trials, the company said in a media statement.

Called Site Feasibility, the new platform is part of TCS' ​advanced drug development (ADD​)​ ​suite and digitises the clinical trial site selection ​process​ for better outcomes for​ the company's life ​sciences ​customers.

The platform is a single, integrated product​ for analysing ​​​sites​,​ patient population, investigator profiles, treatment facilities and other parameters​ while planning for multi-site clinical trials by drug companies​, the statement said.

These processes are currently done manually and digitising will have a huge impact on the study outcomes​ by avoiding sub-optimal site choices that can result in significant delays and costs, according to the Mumbai-based IT services firm.

​“We are leveraging our deep knowledge of the life sciences industry to expand the capabilities of the TCS ADD suite of cloud platforms. The​ ​platform will help our customers digitally transform the most critical study design aspects of their clinical trials and drive superior outcomes,” said Debashis Ghosh, ​president​, life ​s​ciences and ​h​ealthcare​, TCS. 

​ The​ platform consolidate​s​ data residing on multiple systems within the enterprise into a central repository​, TCS said​​. Once the data is centralised, insights can be derived to identify the sites best suited for a given study protocol, with the most appropriate patient population and investigators​, the statement added​.

​TCS said that digiti​sation and automat​ion of the entire assessment and selection process​ will enabl​e the efficient and coordinated management of hundreds of concurrent clinical trial feasibility studies. ​

T​he platform is ​also ​fully integrated with the ​​TCS connected clinical trials e-Survey platform, providing customers with an end-to-end solution for conducting site surveys and analy​s​ing the s​​urvey responses​, it added​.