Watch: Our gen2 cloud uses AI/ML to reduce security threats: Mitesh Agarwal, Oracle

26 Aug, 2019

It was in October 2018 that Larry Ellison, chief technology officer (CTO) and co-founder, Oracle spoke about the concept of the gen2 cloud at an event in San Francisco. 

Ellison said the current cloud systems play the user code and data on the same computer where CPU memory and storage are shared, which could pose security threats.

"We will never put our cloud control code in the same computer that has customer code," Ellison said during the Oracle Open World event.

Oracle's version of the generation 2 cloud utilises artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to mitigate security threats, said Mitesh Agarwal, vice president, global key & lead accounts, Oracle.

Other advantages include an easier cloud migration process and better performance and pricing to enterprises who decide to move to gen2 cloud.

An alumnus of London Business School, Agarwal has been working with Oracle for the past eight years. He was earlier the CTO of Oracle India in 2017. He had worked with Sun Microsystems from 2002 till 2011 where he was the datacenter ambassador and head of technology for the western region.