Microsoft to train 1,000 CBSE teachers on cloud and AI-based teaching solutions

Microsoft to train 1,000 CBSE teachers on cloud and AI-based teaching solutions
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Reuters
5 Sep, 2019

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has partnered with Microsoft to conduct capacity building programmes for its high school teachers on cloud-powered technologies.

The programmes will begin on 10 September across 10 cities in India, an official statement from Microsoft said. 

Microsoft said it was critical to ramp up education today to meet the growing demands of the workforce of tomorrow and hence the plans to introduce AI-backed technologies into the CBSE teaching process. 

CBSE will nominate 1,000 teachers for the three-day practical project-based training in Microsoft 365 tools like OneNote, Flipgrid, Teams, Minecraft, Outlook and paint3D. 

The programme will provide teachers access to the latest information and communication technology (ICT) tools and help them to integrate technology into teaching in a safe and secure manner, thereby enhancing the learning experience and 21st-century skills of students, the statement said. 

They will also learn about digital storytelling, creation of personalised learning experiences for diverse learners, use of teams for virtual lessons and how to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) tools to create bots and demystify concepts around AI. A few of the teachers will also go on to become Microsoft Innovative Educators.  

“We are excited at the opportunity to partner with CBSE as our very first endeavour in any country to transform the education ecosystem with the power of AI and cloud,” said Manish Prakash, general manager, Microsoft India.