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Data is the new business capital: Anil Valluri, NetApp

23 Sep, 2019

With the advent of digital transformation, data is now being collected in the form of videos, images, files, containers which are being stored in multiple locations like the edge, core and the cloud. 

Insights from this data are also being utilised at other locations. The need of the hour is artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions with the compute power to derive insights from these multiple data points and cloud environments more efficiently and effectively.

In August 2018, Nvidia and NetApp partnered to launch OnTap AI, an architecture that combines the computing power of Nvidia’s supercomputers with the cloud computing expertise of NetApp. The platform addressed the challenges that enterprises face when deploying artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions. 

The Nvidia–NetApp collaboration is helping enterprises deploy AI in an environment where data has moved away from its monolith.

“Data is the new business capital. Today, CIOs are looking at the bigger picture, built upon getting better insights into their data and betting big on newer technologies such as AI to reach maximum data capabilities and evolve into enterprises of the future,” said Anil Valluri, president, India and SAARC, NetApp. 

He also spoke on how the collaboration between the computing giant and the hybrid cloud architecture provider can help customers use data more efficiently, the rise of data computing on the edge, core and the cloud and taking AI solutions forward. 

In August this year, NetApp and Nvidia also jointly opened an AI Centre of Excellence in Bengaluru to showcase AI/deep learning-based technologies to enterprises and the government bodies. The centre is expected to help enterprises understand and implement AI solutions built by NetApp and Nvidia while also working with engineers and subject matter experts in the field.