Chipmaker Intel unveils Xeon W and X-series processors

Chipmaker Intel unveils Xeon W and X-series processors
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Reuters
9 Oct, 2019

Semiconductor giant Intel has unveiled Intel Xeon W and X-series processors, which it claims will address the demand for artificial intelligence acceleration in high-end desktop (HEDT) PCs and mainstream workstations. 

The processors will be available in the markets from November.

The new series of processors feature artificial intelligence (AI) acceleration with the integration of Intel deep learning boost, the US-based company said in a statement. It offers an AI inference boost of 2.2 times more compared to the prior generation, the statement added.

Chipmaker Intel revealed that the new lineup features an enhanced version of Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 to help software, such as for simulation and modeling.

“The professional and enthusiast communities require product engineering that caters to their specific mission-critical needs and keeps them on the cutting edge of technology advancements. This means the best hardware and software optimizations, but also looking at how we can infuse things like AI acceleration,” said Frank Soqui, vice president and general manager of desktop, workstation and channel group, Intel.

The company said that its W-series, including eight processors (W-2295, W-2275, W-2265, W-2255, W-2245, W-2235, W-2225 and W-2223), will deliver outstanding performance and expanded platform capabilities for data science, visual effects, 3D rendering, complex 3D computer-aided design (CAD), AI development and edge deployments. 

The Xeon W series price ranges from $294 to $1,333, the company added.

“No matter if you are a data scientist, cinema creator or freelancer, Intel Xeon W and X-series offer power and flexibility of choice, enabling you to keep working creatively and competitively across even the most intensive workloads,” Soqui added. 

Last month, Intel had planned to launch the second generation of its Optane DC persistent memory data storage solution next year.

In August, the company had announced built-in artificial intelligence (AI) acceleration processors as standard for its Intel Xeon processors meant for enterprise servers.

Also in August, the company had rolled out a line of 10th generation core processors. Codenamed Ice Lake, the processors are capable of handling advanced artificial intelligence tasks on personal computers.

Intel also launched new processors for mobile, laptops and data centres based on a new architecture that is expected to enhance gaming and artificial intelligence capabilities.