Automation Anywhere clocks 100,000 downloads from bot store

Automation Anywhere clocks 100,000 downloads from bot store
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15 Oct, 2019

California-headquartered robotic process automation (RPA) software firm Automation Anywhere has clocked 100,000 downloads from its bot store.

The company claims its bot store, launched in 2018, is the industry’s first and largest online marketplace for enterprise-grade, ready-to-deploy intelligent automation solutions. The store offers over 600 bots and 20 digital workers to its users. 

Dutch professional services giant KPMG downloaded the 100,000th bot, said an official statement issued by Automation Anywhere. 

The company unveiled digital workers on the bot store in January 2019. Digital workers are digital solutions that combine task-oriented, cognitive and analytical abilities to automate repetitive activities. 

The automation solutions on the bot store are available from a variety of developers, technology experts and Automation Anywhere partners such as cloud services provider Amazon Web Services and technology giants Microsoft and IBM.

Solutions that undertake artificial intelligence (AI)-driven tasks such as speech-to-text, accounting and SAP (systems, applications and products) in data processing are among the most popular on the bot store.

“Achieving 100,000 bot downloads in less than two years emphasizes the rapid trajectory of RPA while enabling organisations worldwide to maximise operating efficiencies and reduce business costs. Bots and digital workers downloaded from our bot store help organisations complete their automation projects up to 70 per cent faster and at half the cost while leveraging the knowledge of technical experts,” said Max Mancini, executive vice president of the digital worker ecosystem at Automation Anywhere. 

Automation Anywhere has also launched a host of new features to help developers generate recurring revenue streams on the store, the statement added. 

The new features include an improved user interface, a suite of tools to help independent software vendors (ISVs) put up their product on the platform, improved codes to protect the intellectual properties of ISVs and a license management feature to help ISVs manage their business and subscriptions. 

The bot store will help ISVs consolidate their offerings, facilitate customer support and provide service to users’ automation projects. 

Recent developments pertaining to Automation Anywhere:

In September 2019, the company hired Stephen DeWitt as chief strategy officer and Riadh Dridi as chief marketing officer

The appointments came a month after the RPA firm announced its intention to invest $100 million in India over the next three to five years. 

Earlier this year, Milan Sheth, vice president for India, Middle East and Africa, Automation Anywhere spoke to TechCircle about how enterprises can build a digital workforce.