UiPath launches next-gen RPA platform; acquires ProcessGold and StepShot

UiPath launches next-gen RPA platform; acquires ProcessGold and StepShot
Raghu Subramanian, President & CEO, UiPath India
16 Oct, 2019

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) company UiPath has launched its next-generation RPA platform, which it claims will help companies scale their automation programmes at record speed from a single platform.

The US-based RPA major has also acquired two companies, ProcessGold and StepShot, to consolidate its automation services.

The announcement was made at the world’s first event for the RPA community, FORWARD III, which was held at Las Vegas.

Founded by Daniel Dines and Marius Tirca in 2005, UiPath is an RPA vendor, providing a complete software platform to help organisations automate business processes.

UiPath says it is “delivering automation as the core application” and that users across enterprises can use the platform to automate work regardless of their technical proficiency. 

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Netherlands-based ProcessGold offers business insights via visual analytics which are actionable in nature and act as a tool for revenue expansion.

According to UiPath, the acquisition will enable its customers to access better automation products and services. 

ProcessGold customers and partners include Deloitte, KPMG, EY, Porsche, KPN, Philips, The Salvation Army, Infineon, Webasto, and Aegon.

UiPath has also acquired StepShot, a provider of process documentation software. Together, the companies will work towards accelerating customers’ automation journeys by enabling them to record, document, and share processes as well as automate key steps in robot creation.

This acquisition will make UiPath, first among leading RPA vendors to offer such capabilities built directly into its platform, a key differentiator as enterprises seek to successfully implement and expand their RPA deployments for a broad spectrum of processes.

“Together with the StepShot acquisition and our organic work in Process Understanding, we can now help our customers have a complete view of their processes, including everything from front-end granular user actions to back-end, higher level transactional steps," said Prabhdeep Singh, vice president of AI at UiPath.

“The announcements in terms of new products, new capabilities, and customer showcases align to three levers we are working on to define the next generation of RPA: scaling up RPA, democratising RPA, and innovating RPA. Interestingly, the three levers are inter-related, and it also forms the basis for UiPath’s strategy," said Raghu Subramanian, president and chief executive officer of UiPath India.