Commvault unveils new solutions to unify cloud storage, data management operations

Commvault unveils new solutions to unify cloud storage, data management operations
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17 Oct, 2019

New Jersey-based information technology company Commvault Systems has launched new capabilities for its Hedvig software storage solutions, which the company claims will help enterprises streamline their multi-cloud storage and data management operations. 

The new software-defined storage capabilities will allow enterprises to automate and simplify storage administration, reduce storage costs and save time, said an official statement issued by Commvault.

Among the new capabilities are built-in data centres, multi data-centre cluster management and support services which will enable the delivery of solutions across hybrid cloud environments.

Hedvig’s new capabilities will also include container storage interface (CSI) support which allows enterprises to manage open-source application development platforms such as Kubernetes.

“New capabilities converge many of the latest storage, container and cloud technologies, allowing enterprises to automate manual infrastructure management processes and simplify their multi-cloud environments,” said Avinash Lakshman, chief storage strategist, Commvault.

Commvault is working on leveraging Hedvig’s technologies to enhance the automation of data management and expand its support for application containers and platforms. 

The company aims to reduce data fragmentation prevalent in multi-cloud environments by streamlining storage and data management.

In September 2019, Commvault Systems acquired California-based software storage solutions firm Hedvig in a deal worth $225 million. The startup provides software-defined storage solutions for enterprises building private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments. 

Hedvig claims that its services help reduce enterprise storage costs while boosting migration capabilities to the cloud. The startup was founded in 2012 by Avinash Lakshman, a former software engineer at Facebook.

Commvault Systems was set up in 1988 as a development group within Bell Labs, the feted American industrial research organisation. Its operations are spread across the cities of New Jersey, New Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai, among others. 

Cloud service provider Amazon Web Services, networking technology company Cisco Systems and enterprise technology platform Hewlett Packard Enterprises are among Commvault’s ecosystem of technology partners. 

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Government-owned telecommunications equipment manufacturer Indian Telephone Industries (ITI) launched a cloud services platform for public sector undertakings, banks and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in India.