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Watch: What Huawei has lined up for India ahead of 5G trials

From paperless boarding of flights to intruder detection via CCTV footage using AI (artificial intelligence), Chinese telecommunications company Huawei has every intention of being part of 5G deployment in India for industry and enterprise solutions. 

At the recently concluded India Mobile Congress (IMC), the Shenzhen-headquartered company showcased its deployment with telecom partner Vodafone Idea, for which it is a technology provider, as well as Airtel. Sunil Mittal, promoter of Airtel, also termed Huawei’s equipment superior to its European rivals even as the telco finalises its technology partner for 5G trials.

Speaking to TechCircle on the sidelines of IMC, Huawei India chief technology officer, wireless, Radhey Shyam Sarda, said that the company has developed end-to-end solutions for smart city, safe city, smart transportation, smart education and smart education using cloud based VR (virtual reality).

“The initial global deployment focuses on enhanced mobile broadband family of use cases which include fixed wireless access, cloud AR, cloud VR and cloud based apps which work on high throughput and low latency 5G network,” he said. He added that while the showcase was initially on wireline setup, to scale these, 5G network will be essential.

The Chinese equipment maker has been keen on showcasing its multiple solutions for 5G network in India which is set to hold 5G trials shortly. India is an important market for the equipment maker more so after US imposed a trade ban on Huawei, labelling its technology gear a security threat.