T-Hub launches Trestle to provide global access for Indian startups

T-Hub launches Trestle to provide global access for Indian startups
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Pixabay
22 Oct, 2019

Hyderabad-based startup incubator T-Hub announced the launch of Trestle, a programme to provide growth-stage startups with opportunities to assess product fitment and readiness to new markets across the globe.

The programme is designed to aid Indian startups with the right resources and connections to foray into the global market, it said in a statement.

Trestle also offers international startups a platform to enter the Indian market, the statement added.

In the first edition of Trestle, T-Hub and FalconX, a Silicon Valley-based accelerator, will curate five startups for the programme.

The selected startups will participate in a five-month programme and will also get the provision of co-working space at FalconX and T-Hub.

“Trestle is designed for startups that are looking for Go-To-Market (GTM) support, for scaling and tuning their business model for expansion in the US markets. Our collaboration with FalconX is the first step in this direction to provide international market access to the disruptive and most deserving startups,” said Ravi Narayan, CEO of T-Hub.

The startups will be selected on the basis of technological solutions, product/solution readiness, revenue models and growth potential. Startups at the growth stage working in the deep tech, fintech and cleantech sectors will have a higher chance of being a part of the programme, the statement said. Deep tech startups will have to integrate with disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, Big Data and machine learning.

“Our global accelerator programme provides a transformative experience for entrepreneurs with mentorship, access to capital and exposure to a vast network which provides immense commercial opportunities in the US market. Our plan to work with premier accelerators and incubators around the world starts with T-Hub’s Trestle programme,” said Murali Chirala, CEO, FalconX.