Intelligent software can drastically improve customer service: Pegasystems

Intelligent software can drastically improve customer service: Pegasystems
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22 Nov, 2019

A third of customer facing employees believe they lack the right technology to provide optimal services, says information technology firm Pegasystems.

The study also found that around 38% of customer-facing employees tend to shift between four to 12 applications in their day to day jobs, indicating that more tools do not equal more productivity.

In the report,  “Service excellence? It starts with your employees,” Pegasystems pointed out a few roadblocks that hampered customer service agents and how business leaders could overcome the problems.

About 40% of respondents felt frustrated at needing to pass customers across teams and department while 28% also felt it was unnecessary to repeatedly enter the same information in different parts of the system.

The study was based on data from 3600 customer-facing employees.  

Respondents believe artificial intelligence and automation could address the pain points. Two-thirds said that intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants will speed up the process while 62% felt that new technologies would help simplify the job. Around 60% also felt that the tools used will become more complementary and will help customer service professionals carry out tasks with greater ease.

Respondents also said that they needed the right data at the right time, with 43% backing a consolidated view of all past customer interactions as a sure shot method of increasing efficiency.  About 26% also said they would like a software that would automatically provide the next best option for their customers.

The research also pointed out that most companies lacked omni-channel options for their customers, with 2/3rds of the top decision makers stating that their business is threatened by sophisticated technology solutions used by competitors.

“These businesses run the risk of not only losing customers, but valuable, skilled employees as well. Organizations need to empower their representatives with intelligent and responsive software that connects the dots across systems and departments – so agents don’t have to,” said Tom Libretto, chief marketing officer, Pegasystems.