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TechCircle presents The Corner Office Conversations: An insight into the minds of successful CEOs

16 Jan, 2020

The role of a CEO is one of the most fulfilling and sought-after in the business. But at the same time, there is also a huge weight chief executives carry on their shoulders. 

For all the glorification and scrutiny, though, little is understood about what CEOs do to excel. Chief executives face a wide range of challenges, ranging from changing market conditions, global competition, to diversity and sustainability. Today, with the news of economic headwinds making headlines every other day, the CEO takes on the task of ensuring that the company not only stays afloat but grows.

The Corner Office Conversations will explore the different leadership styles and values chief executives bring to the table and how they lead their companies in today’s dynamic society. We will get you an insiders’ view on the rationale behind every difficult, uncomfortable or rather courageous decision these CEOs took…some that made them successful and maybe a few that didn’t go quite as planned.

Stay tuned to this space, as I catch up with a host of high-achieving founders and CEOs to throw the spotlight on them as individuals, leaders, risk-takers, philanthropists, and everything that makes them successful.

The Corner Office Conversations is an initiative from Mosaic Digital, the company that owns and publishes TechCircle. No TechCircle journalist was involved in the creation of this content.