Watch: Manav Sehgal on how AWS helps take public sector enterprises forward in India

21 Jan, 2020

There was a time globally when it was unthinkable for governmental agencies to adopt cloud services and especially the public cloud. But as the global adoption of cloud in the public sector increases, India has not been left far behind.  

Seattle-headquartered Amazon today partners with 5000 plus government agencies, 10,000 educational institutions and over 28,000 non-profit organizations around the globe. In India too it has been engaging with several public sector enterprises to address some key challenges around healthcare, smart cities and skilling.

AI/ML (artificial intelligence and machine learning) adoption by Indian agencies has also been on the rise and Amazon through its cloud offerings is taking this forward in India. 

One notable usage of AWS has been in powering the Common Service Centers project, a strategic component of the National eGovernance Plan approved in September 2006. Through an ecosystem of engaging with educational institutions, public sector enterprises and the government, AWS plans to hasten technology adoption in solving critical issues in Indian society today.

As the head of solutions architecture for the public sector in India, Manav Sehgal specializes in driving product management, cloud, data science use cases in India’s public sector. He has over 20 years of experience working for organisations such as AWS India, Xerox PARC, HCL and daily mail group.

He has also authored five books on data science solutions and is a GitHub contributor

In an interview with TechCircle, Sehgal spoke at length about how Amazon Web services, Amazon’s cloud solutions arm, is helping the Indian government better their solutions for citizens. Sehgal explains the challenges, the ecosystem and shares a few interesting case studies that are underway, as well as the way forward for technology in the Indian public sector.