Data analytics firm Qlik buys RoxAI to boost AI capabilities

Data analytics firm Qlik buys RoxAI to boost AI capabilities
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22 Jan, 2020

US-based data analytics firm Qlik Technologies has bought emerging technologies-enabled business consulting firm RoxAI for an undisclosed amount, in a bid to extend its AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities with the latter’s advanced alerting and intelligent automation system called Ping.

Ping will be packaged as a Qlik value-added solution in the first half of 2020, a statement from Qlik said on Wednesday.

“Ping’s self-service intelligent alerts, integrated with Qlik’s leading analytics platform, can immediately notify users through mobile, email and social channels of material changes in their data and the context, triggering decisions and actions immediately,” Qlik said in the statement.

Ping helps users design and create advanced alerts around their own use cases, based on their existing dashboards and data, without needing a developer or administrator.

“What we need is a full cycle integration between changes in the data, to analytics, to alerts and notifications that are immediately sent downstream to users or other systems. The combination of Qlik data integration, Qlik data analytics and now RoxAI and Ping, will provide customers with a real-time intelligence loop that drives actions,” Mike Capone, CEO at Qlik, said in a statement.

RoxAI offers business solutions using artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, advanced analytics and blockchain to increase sales and operational efficiencies at clientele organisations.

Qlik’s operations in India, on the other hand, include deriving actionable insights through data from its clients Bajaj Auto, BookMyShow, Cognizant, HCL Technologies, Mahindra & Mahindra, Cisco and Samsung. The Pennsylvania-headquartered company operates in over 100 countries with a customer base of over 50,000.

“In the future, Qlik plans to integrate Ping with workflow and RPA (robotic process automation) solutions through APIs (application program interfaces), which will further accelerate business value of customer data,” the statement said.

Ping is already in deployment at multiple Qlik customers such as Benjamin Moore & Co. Qlik’s current product offerings in the data analytics workflow include Qlik data integration, Qlik Sense and Qlik Insight Bot.