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Watch: The Corner Office Conversations with Hitesh Oberoi, Info Edge -- Part 2

23 Jan, 2020

In this episode of ‘The Corner Office Conversations’, we take forward our discussion with Hitesh Oberoi, Managing Director and CEO of Info Edge, touching upon many more interesting facets of the iconic leaders’ journey. 

Oberoi talks about how new technology trends can be disruptive and yet full of opportunities for businesses. He quotes examples of how Info Edge began with Naukri emerging at the dawn of the internet era and growing with the advent of SEO, SEM and mobile; thereafter continuing to sail the horizons of new technology like AI and machine learning. 

He emphasises the need for businesses to encash new technology in the right way, at the right time, to tap into the opportunity that comes with it. And to do this, how attracting the right talent and upskilling existing talent to keep up with the new trends, is so crucial to a company. 

Beyond his own businesses, the dot-com pioneer shares the vision behind his contribution to higher education with Ashoka University and the more recent Plaksha University which aims to redefine higher education in technology. 

Watch the episode to know all about the vision of this inspiring business leader and on a lighter note, a little about what keeps him rejuvenated and drives him on the personal front.

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