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Watch: How Indian VCs navigate through a problem-ridden market

2 Mar, 2020

While problems are negative in connotation, they aren’t necessarily viewed as such in the venture capital (VC) community. The money-making lens sees opportunities and thus market in every problem, from continuity of innovation.

The Indian VC landscape saw $501.3 million worth of 533 angel and seed stage investments, and $1.4 billion worth of 205 Series A investments in 2019, according to private equity research firm VCCEdge.

“India is a very interesting country. I keep saying that we have too many problems… Today we actually don't have issues of paying for products and services. Those days are gone,” Anil Joshi, founding partner at Unicorn India Ventures said, at a panel discussion in the recently concluded TechCircle.LIVE Mumbai edition.

The panel on ‘Seed to Series A: Opportunities and Challenges in 2020’ saw leading early stage investors share combined insights on the timing challenges of onboarding VCs and changing trends, interests that envelope their approach towards investments across different sectors of businesses in India. These bets are notably on the rise within the once non-glamourous technology sector.

Other speakers on the panel were Madhukar Sinha, partner at India Quotient; Gaurav Chaturvedi, partner at KAE Capital; and Sushanto Mitra, founder and CEO at Lead Angels. 

The session was moderated by Sahaj Kumar who heads VCCEdge, the research arm of Mosaic Media Ventures, the company that owns TechCircle.