Watch: Digital trust, deep learning, IoT security to drive next phase of growth at Subex

5 Mar, 2020

With the advent of open-source tools and technologies, analytics is increasingly becoming more commoditised. The line between the digital and physical worlds is getting blurred, with the digitalisation of businesses requiring a combination of communities, different teams and entities working in tandem with each other to deliver the best output. Thus, digital trust plays a crucial role to ensure better and safer digital transactions and interactions.

In an interview with TechCircle, Vinod Kumar, CEO of telecom solutions provider Subex, spoke about the concept of digital trust and how it has become more democratised and distributed. 

He said that the next phase of the Bengaluru-based company’s growth is in digital trust, deep learning and internet of things (IoT) security.

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“Trust is the centrepiece for every interaction on a personal, societal and business level — in both traditional and digital business models,” Kumar said.

Kumar also spoke about the importance of data localisation and how it was always good for a country to keep its data within its walls in the long term. A careful roadmap must be drawn while data is categorised and localised, based on the degree of its importance, he said.

A recent Subex study showed that India had the most number of cyber attacks in the world for three months in 2019. Common IoT (internet of things) devices and critical infrastructure were the top targets for criminals, the study added.

Kumar has spent close to 22 years at Subex and was elevated to the top post in 2018. He was earlier the company’s chief operating officer and responsible for managing its portfolio, engineering, research and development, marketing, sales, delivery and support systems.