e-Zest, Neurosynaptic Communications announce data-backed Covid-19 screening Kit

e-Zest, Neurosynaptic Communications announce data-backed Covid-19 screening Kit
Photo Credit: Pixabay
26 Mar, 2020

Pune based agile digital solutions provider e-Zest Solutions and telemedicine solutions provider, Neurosynaptic Communications, have announced a Covid-19 screening kit. 

The solution also helps doctors track the disease through geo-tagging potential patients.

The screening kit has the ability to test and report potentially infected patients through the method of connecting and feeding data into a patient’s health record system, without the need for any manual intervention. 

“The test would take 3-4 minutes to scan a patient through the collection of a blood sample. The rapid test mechanism would be able to detect coronavirus with 95% accuracy,” Sameer Sawarkar, CEO of Bengaluru-based Neurosynaptic told TechCircle.

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“Mass screening and testing is the need of the hour. With the scarcity of healthcare professionals, there is a need of technology enabled platforms to do this at a large scale with minimal to no human intervention,” Shree Shingane- founder and managing director, e-Zest Solutions, Germany, said in a release.

The application connected to the testing kit will be able to import and analyse data from the screening tools as well as access travel and medical history of the person being checked. The kit comes with the capability to be integrated with third-party solutions to enhance the accuracy of the tests as well as get access to the right data.

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Shingane said that the Coronavirus scanner will have artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to reduce the load on the healthcare system. The built-in algorithms will be able to detect the right risk percentage based on the testing protocol and divide people into low, medium and high-risk categories.

“The teleconsultation facility (through the app) allows individuals to obtain counselling as well as consult doctors independent of location, to access timely information and guidance,” added Sawarkar.

The teleconsultation facility would feature virtual consultation with doctors for other requirements of the patients, such as in case of a high-risk pregnant mother needing to consult a gynaecologist.

Shingane and Sawarkar told TechCircle that the device would be released in the coming week.