SAP rolls out Bridge-IT app to give customers, employees verified Covid-19 news

SAP rolls out Bridge-IT app to give customers, employees verified Covid-19 news
16 Apr, 2020

German multinational software maker SAP has launched Bridge-IT, an app that will provide verified, real-time and local updates on Covid-19 to its employees and some customers.

Employees and customers who have a SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement can access the data platform, chatbot and automated guidance tools on the app, the company said in a statement. They can also seek personalised guidance on coping with the pandemic, it added.

The app, rolled out by SAP Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) Innovation Office, can be accessed as a web page and on Apple iOS, it said.

Employees also have access to a dashboard to visualise real-time data, such as the impact of Covid-19 on supply and customer-based data, including public sentiment on SAP Analytics Cloud, it said.

The app will collate information from sources such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and combine it with country-specific data, local government guidance, travel information and relevant company policies to provide localised information to its users.

“Bridge-IT is designed to help guard against Covid-19 misinformation and help people stay on top of important updates in the simplest way possible, so they can focus on their health, happiness and wellbeing,” Scott Russell, president of SAP APJ, said.

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Additionally, the company said it will roll out the ‘digital boardroom’ feature in the coming weeks.

All data on the Bridge-IT app will be open and accessible to help third parties develop additional solutions, the company said.

In fact, one of its customers, a global pharmaceuticals firm, has rolled out a customised version of the app for its staffers, it said. This app provides data on Covid-19 cases, searchable by hospital location, and helps them predict demand for medical supplies and respond accordingly, it added.