Digitate rolls out management software to help enterprises boost productivity

Digitate rolls out management software to help enterprises boost productivity
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26 May, 2020

Digitate, the software division of information technology (IT) services giant Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), has launched a self-healing, end-user experience management software to help enterprises enhance employee productivity.

Dubbed ignio AI.Digital Workspace, the solution leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to assist service desk teams achieve better business outcomes, the Mumbai-based company said in a statement.

According to TCS, the digital workspace platform can perform probable cause analysis, decide the order of treatment and find remedies for issues in endpoint devices and other end-user technologies before customers notice them. This self-service approach doesn’t require customers to make calls or fill forms, the statement said, adding that the service thus saves time for service desk employees.

India’s largest software exporter said that the solution can help customers with better endpoint visibility, and create a personalised and context-aware workspace as well.

“A business user loses more than 100 hours a year due to IT-related disruptions, often during peak work hours. IT support teams are equally challenged to keep devices and applications compliant while managing user experience due to the volume of work and ad-hoc requests. The current global Covid-19 situation and employees working from home has further magnified this problem,” Akhilesh Tripathi, global head of Digitate, said.

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Digitate’s software reduces end-user incident requests and automates repetitive tasks, while ensuring 100% availability of applications on end-user devices, the company said. 

In a recent Forrester report, analyst Andrew Hewitt said that 81% of executives who make global services decisions for their companies, have adopted digital transformation or are considering it. Of those, 35% have invested in workforce enablement technology to drive top-line revenue growth, it said.

TCS also offers other ignio solutions that leverage AI and ML technologies, including ignioAI.Ops, ignioAI.WorkloadManagement, ignioAI.ERPOps and Cognitive Procurement.

Cognitive Procurement was launched in April and helps companies make smarter purchase decisions and take actions faster, the company said. The tool aims to help enterprises minimise the number of purchase transactions that result in sub-optimal spend, non-compliance and processing fallout. 

In May, TCS launched WaferWise, a cloud-based solution to detect wafer anomalies in semiconductor manufacturing. The solution leverages custom artificial intelligence (AI) models to automatically detect and classify anomalies by analysing nano-scale images generated during the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Top executives of TCS had taken pay cuts for the financial year 2020 as the IT services firm braces for Covid-19’s impact on business.