Avaya takes its device as a service portfolio to nine new countries

Avaya takes its device as a service portfolio to nine new countries
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8 Jul, 2020

Santa Clara, California based unified communications solutions provider Avaya has expanded its device as a Service (DaaS) offering to nine new markets.

These include Mexico, Thailand, Australia, Taiwan, Argentina, Japan, Hong Kong, Colombia and Singapore.

New clients from these countries will now be able to access Avaya’s solutions at a flexible monthly subscription rate as compared to an upfront purchase, the company said in a statement.

DaaS refers to computing devices that are available for a fixed monthly subscription.  

Subscription-based service offerings have gained popularity as they ease information technology needs through outsourcing of hardware, software and management of the equipment to external vendors.

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“They want the latest software and support at a price point that lets them more forward immediately, so that they can innovate when they have needs, with additional financing options,”  Steve Brock, Director, Avaya Subscription Marketing, Avaya, said.

Customers today are accelerating their digital transformation and are setting up an ‘all-weather workforce’ that can work under any conditions, Brock added.

DaaS also provides its users with the ability to scale up and down physical devices, as and when required, as well as update or upgrade to new equipment when necessary.

Avaya said that its DaaS solutions can be deployed for both workplace and home offices and will be platform-agnostic, meaning it can be deployed on both Avaya and non-Avaya platforms.

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