Oracle makes cloud region services available at customer data centres

Oracle makes cloud region services available at customer data centres
Photo Credit: Reuters
9 Jul, 2020

Enterprise software giant Oracle has launched dedicated cloud regions at customer data centres, making its cloud products and services available on-premise, as a service model.

The move will help its large enterprise customers comply with data sovereignty, privacy and security regulations while deploying Oracle applications, the Redwood Shores, California-based company said in a statement. 

Dubbed Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, the offering, priced from $500,000 per month, functions similar to Oracle’s public cloud and will require dedicated data centre racks, the company added.

The solution will also help enterprises get the complete set of modern cloud services, application programming interfaces (APIs) and the highest levels of security available from Oracle’s public cloud regions in their own data centres, the statement said.

Although cloud player Amazon Web Services offers a similar product with AWS Outpost, it shares metadata with the AWS public cloud region and is not a full-scale cloud at customer’s on-premise data centre.

Oracle said its newly-launched product is ideal for highly regulated or security-focused businesses that run low latency operations, such as banking or stock trading, adding that it also helps cut operational costs and modernise legacy applications.

“Enterprise customers have told us that they want the full experience of a public cloud on-premise, including access to all cloud services, to run their most important workloads. With the new offering, enterprises get all of our second-generation cloud services, including autonomous databases, in their data centres,” Clay Magouyrk, executive vice president of engineering for Oracle cloud infrastructure, said.

The Nomura Research Institute (NRI) in Japan and the Oman Information and Communications Technology Group have already signed up for the solution, the company said.

“This is a new direction for public cloud providers, who have historically offered only limited versions of their services to customer premises and can be a game changer for digital transformation initiatives of large enterprises,” Deepak Mohan, research director at technology research firm IDC, said. 

“With this offering, we can use Oracle Exadata as a cloud service and achieve greater agility, such as seamless expansion, while maintaining high availability at the same level as on-premises. Built at our own data centre, it also enables us to provide reports based on Japanese security standards in financial industries and access broader cloud services and tools of Oracle cloud,” Tomoshiro Takemoto, senior corporate managing director of NRI, said.