Mobile banking, cloud face max cybersecurity threats: Check Point Study

Anirban Ghoshal

Mobile banking, cloud, email and software supply chain networks are at the forefront of cybersecurity threats, according to a ....

29 July, 2019

TCS completes public cloud migration for HR firm Randstad

Anand J

Mumbai-based information technology services and consultancy major Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has completed the public cloud ....

24 July, 2019

Why Nutanix is betting on the hybrid cloud to accelerate growth

Anand J

San Jose, California-based cloud computing firm Nutanix is betting on the growth of the hybrid and private cloud, an area where ....

23 July, 2019

Hybrid cloud adoption higher than average in manufacturing sector: Nutanix study

Anand J

Enterprise cloud computing firm Nutanix has said that hybrid cloud adoption among manufacturing companies stands at 19%, marginally ....

2 July, 2019

Dell introduces slew of new solutions for cloud, edge computing and open networking

Vignesh Ananthraj

Information technology services provider Dell has launched a new set of solutions for edge and core computing at the Dell Technologies ....

13 May, 2019

IBM’s Red Hat makes Enterprise Linux 8 OS available for cloud and data centres

Anirban Ghoshal

IBM-owned open source software-maker Red Hat on Thursday said that it was making Enterprise Linux 8 generally available in order ....

9 May, 2019

Oracle's Steve Daheb on making automated databases available to enterprises on-premise

Payal Ganguly

US-based Oracle Corp. will soon be bringing its automated database on the premises of enterprises, a feature that has been available ....

7 May, 2019

Nutanix sees retailers adopt hybrid cloud faster than other industries

Anand J

Enterprise cloud computing firm Nutanix has said that enterprise workloads in traditional data centres will decrease as companies ....

4 April, 2019

Why the phenomenon of hybrid multi-cloud is here to stay

Subram Natarajan

We are well into the second decade since the introduction of cloud computing. The industry, technology and adoption have greatly ....

28 December, 2018

Why digital transformation is poised to make a dramatic impact

Ramkumar Narayanan

Digital transformation is sweeping across the enterprise landscape with billions of dollars being spent on moving organisations ....

27 December, 2018

Nutanix’s latest updates offer enterprises enhanced private cloud services

Anand J

Enterprise cloud infrastructure computing firm Nutanix has announced updates to its multi-cloud optimisation platform Beam. It ....

13 November, 2018

India to top Asia-Pacific growth rate for order bookings: VMware

Anirban Ghoshal

Dell Technologies-owned cloud computing platform VMware Inc. sees India as one of its fastest-growing markets, topping its Asia-Pacific ....

24 September, 2018

Accenture expands data and AI capabilities of its myWizard automation platform

Anirban Ghoshal

Software services and consulting firm Accenture said that it was expanding the capabilities of its automation platform called ....

24 September, 2018

IBM Cloud's Amit Kumar on why its customers are bullish about hybrid cloud

Anand J

Global technology giant International Business Machines Corp, or IBM, is rediscovering itself in the new age of cloud and artificial ....

3 August, 2018