Sitel Group, UiPath partner to automate customer experience services

Sitel Group, UiPath partner to automate customer experience services
Photo Credit: 123RF.com
24 Sep, 2020

Robotic process automation (RPA) company UiPath and global customer experience management provider Sitel Group announced a collaboration on Wednesday. The latter will leverage UiPath’s technology to offer hyperautomation-powered customer experience solutions to over 400 clients, a statement said. 

The automation will help Sitel’s agents optimise the time they spend with customers, increasing interaction efficiency and driving greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, it said.

Automating processes to allow agents to prioritise meeting customer needs is the next step Sitel Group is taking in its transformation journey, its chief product and innovation officer Ryan Maund said. 

“As CX design experts, we bring a team of process engineers and our RPA expertise to transform the experience for our agents, clients and their customers alike, especially within our work-at-home model, Sitel at Home... 80% of our North American client delivery is currently operated through (the work-at-home model),” Maund said.

The technology can help reduce agent involvement in services that do not require human intelligence, problem solving and empathy, thus driving quicker and more accurate resolutions while cutting the need for manual labour, the statement said.

Eddie O'Brien, senior vice president of operations and partners at UiPath said the BPO industry has a massive opportunity to transform and optimise business operations. 

“Organisations that leverage the latest technology will be the businesses that thrive in today’s environment,” he said. 

UiPath, which raised $225 million in a growth funding round led by New York based hedge fund Alkeon Capital Management in July, added conversational AI capabilities to its hyperautomation platform in June. The new features include conversational capabilities for UiPath robots and chatbots, along with updated automation functionalities.