Accelerator WeKan chooses 20 startups for bootcamp

Accelerator WeKan chooses 20 startups for bootcamp
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28 Sep, 2020

New York and Chennai-based product accelerator WeKan has chosen 20 startups for its latest cohort, dubbed Future of Work.

The startups will undergo a 30-day equity-free bootcamp, post which WeKan will shortlist six to eight companies for further acceleration, a statement said. The accelerator will infuse up to $100,000 capital in the shortlisted companies in exchange for 7-10% equity.

The current cohort includes startups that build collaborative work tools, such as team tools, software development and design, scaling backend services, builder tools and those servicing the gig economy.

So far, WeKan said it has accelerated about 20 companies, of which two are in the process of raising more capital. 

Following are the startups chosen for the bootcamp, according to the statement:

Async: The company develops asynchronous collaboration and project management tools for distributed teams.

Troopr Labs Inc: The Texas headquartered company provides an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant and automated work management platform. 

Genchi: The San Francisco, California-based company provides project management tools for distributed teams.

Meetaide: The Chennai-based startup provides scheduling services for meetings, such as Google Meet and Zoom links.

VidLogs: The San Francisco, California-based company provides one-click live meetings on personal channels with AI-powered searchable tools for transcripts.

CadenceIQ: Kolkata headquartered startup provides a sales engagement platform to automate tasks such as sending emails, and provides predictive solutions to improve performance.

Empava: The company provides a gamified platform for sales and customer service teams to review customer satisfaction.

Zipper HQ: The firm helps sales, marketing, product and support teams personalize video communication at scale.

Whelp: The startup helps enterprises replace fragmented ticketing solutions with a single conversational tool.

Workduck: The Delhi-based startup provides a no-code collaborative platform for automated app testing.

Intervue: The New Delhi headquartered company provides a platform to run technical interviews in over 25 software languages with audio/video calling capabilities.

Keito: The platform allows enterprises to classify and extract images from documents, emails and other unstructured data.

Shunshower.io: The platform helps teams save cloud computing and automation costs with intelligent infrastructure monitoring tools.

Fluxo: The Detroit, Michigan headquartered company provides a platform that helps finance executives build financial models for planning, budgeting and forecasting.

Scudo: The AI-based discovery and workflow platform helps companies identify and manage risks.

Comake: The enterprise data platform helps users group and contextualize data based on projects and teams.

EasyAuth: The Bengaluru-based company, founded in 2020, is a no code platform to integrate authentication and payments for small and medium scale businesses.

Hopps: The company allows access to vetted digital marketing tools experts.

Moxi: The New York headquartered firm helps freelancers manage their gigs and get paid.

Noxtro: The San Diego, California headquartered company provides a platform for freelancers to pay for benefits and other expenses pre-tax with group discounts on par with full-time employees.