Knowlarity onboards Google Cloud to offer speech analytics in India

Knowlarity onboards Google Cloud to offer speech analytics in India
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Singapore-based cloud communications company Knowlarity Communications, previously headquartered in Gurugram, has signed on Google Cloud to launch its Programmable Speech Analytics platform in India. 

The solution, with features such as sentiment analysis, accurate transcription and real time analysis, will provide users an improved Google Cloud-powered conversational artificial intelligence service, a statement said. 

It will also offer 125 language transcriptions, real time speech recognition, speech adaptation, multi-channel transcription, keyword spotting, speech-to-text conversion and a host of other functions. 

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Companies will be able to deploy the platform, comprising open APIs and a reserve of audio/video data recordings generated everyday through phone calls, online meetings, contact center phone calls and voice searches, to derive insights. The platform will work by extracting data in real time, where millions of calls would be processed automatically in a short span of time.

The solution would also help enterprises automate their workflow and processes by identifying the purpose of a conversation through the speech analytics keyword spotting feature. 

“With Programmable Speech Analytics, we will be able to provide business intelligence for organisations to make operational as well as strategic decisions,” Yatish Mehrotra, CEO of Knowlarity, said. 

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The demand for speech analytics has witnessed a surge in recent years, Knowlarity said. Enterprises gather large amounts of voice data generated daily and use it to identify customer trends, improve customer delivery and strengthen services. 

“While the speech analytics market in India has primarily been driven by the BPO industry, the demand is set to surge from other sectors as well including retail, banking, healthcare, telecom and hospitality,” Karan Bajwa, managing director, Google Cloud India, said.

The company said that it looks to help Indian firms deploy speech analytics to support marketing, identify intent, increase sales numbers, for voicebots and to remedy failures.