Capgemini unveils intelligent industry offerings for life sciences research

Capgemini unveils intelligent industry offerings for life sciences research
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2 Dec, 2020

Paris headquartered consulting and information technology services provider Capgemini Group on Tuesday unveiled its third set of intelligent industry offerings that will focus on research and development for life sciences.

Named Data Driven R&D for Life Sciences, the new set of services will help bio pharmaceutical companies to improve drug discovery and clinical trials by leveraging data and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities research and development, a statement said.

Intelligent Industry is Capgemini’s Industry 4.0 offering that allows companies to transform data into insight and actions.

The new services will enable R&D teams at bio pharmaceutical companies to take a data driven approach to better understand diseases and patients, identify therapies with higher potential, digitally optimize clinical trials, and accelerate time to market, the statement added.

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The new offerings include tools such as AI studio for drug discovery, intelligent clinical trials and data and AI platforms. The AI agile studio model helps firms improve drug discovery by target identification, lead compound optimization, and lead candidate testing while its intelligent clinical trials offer design planning and execution to optimize clinical trials. 

The data and AI platforms enable integration, sharing and processing of heterogeneous datasets, industrialized deployment of data engineering processes, and AI and analytics workloads at scale, the company claimed.

“Capgemini’s new set of Data Driven R&D for Life Sciences offerings helps to harness the fast-growing set of tools and techniques of digital platforms, modern AI, data science and data engineering to apply them to datasets across a much wider frame of reference than ever before, helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies to reduce the time and cost of getting new therapies to market, and deliver greater personalized therapeutics and patient centricity.” Capgemini’s chief portfolio officer and group executive board member Franck Greverie said.

 Capgemini’s first Intelligent Industry offering focused on 5G and Edge services while the second set focused on driving automation systems validation for automotive manufacturers and suppliers.