Outlook 2021: TruckNet co founder Anjani Mandal on logistics gaining momentum

12 Jan, 2021

Earlier this month, Bengaluru-based TruckNet Digital Technologies, a digital supply network platform, launched a new management platform for manufacturers and distributors across India. 

With the new platform, TruckNet’s clients will be able to monitor their consignment independent of transporters and can facilitate all their customer interactions digitally.

In an interview with TechCircle, Anjani Mandal, co-founder and CEO of TruckNet said logistics is a reflection of the mood of the industry and that the industry momentum is catching up. He also spoke about how the TruckNet platform helps manufactures leverage technology to reduce expenses. 

“I expect that the industry will pick up on the sentiment alone,” he said.

He also expects railways to give a tough competition to the trucking business in India in the medium-long run.

Mandal co-founded TruckNet along with Vivek Malhotra in 2017. The duo have also co-founded logistics platform 4TiGO in 2015. An IIT and IIM graduate, Mandal has also worked with HCL Tech, Xerox India and Manipal Technologies.